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4Pcs 4″ 50 lbs Arrow Welding Magnets


  • STRONG POWER: the 4 pieces of small magnets holder supports any ferrous metal object up to 50 lbs
  • SAFE & SECURE: These welding holders grip metal and hold it at the angle you need to work safely and efficiently. The welding tools holders are compact with durable high gloss enamel end plates
  • THREE ANGLES: Heavy-duty arrow design steel welding magnets supports material at 45°, 90°, and 135° for easy access. Can be used as double sided holder for welding, assembly and marking work
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Welding Magnet connect parts, freeing up your hands for efficanciacy work and improve work safety, and it can also be used as a floater to separate steel plates
  • EFFICIENCY: Spurtar magnetic tool holder makes your welding job more efficiently and precisely

What are Welding Magnets

Welding magnets are the pieces of magnets that are predominantly used to hold pieces of magnetic materials in position where a series of small welds are used to align pieces of metals securely before completing with a final weld.

They can also help you to weld together things such as steel gates, metal stair steps even your bicycle frames.

When you need a fast and easy method to hold your metal workpieces at 45° and 90°, look no further than Spurtar Welding Magnets.

Ideal for Welding and Soldering

  • They are ideal for fast setup and stable, accurate holding for all welding jobs.
  • The red coating protects the magnets from rusting and from scratching the materials that you are working with.
  • It will hold your materials at 90, 45 and 135 degrees.

Strong Magnet Mig Tools

  • Strong enough to hold your metal projects together and allow you hands free welding.
  • Center hole of the magnet allows you to grab the magnet easily.
  • Keep the magnets away (at least 6” )from the spot you’re weldingMagnets make a strong field that disrupts the arc.

Hands Free Work

  • Use these magnetic welding holders to hold your metal projects together at specified angles allowing you to work through without having to pause to move them.
  • These tools also come in handy as a floater or to be used with a crane.
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