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Kingnova 12V Cordless Reciprocating Saw 2 PCS 2.0 Ah Batteries


  • [ Two Batteries and Fast Charger ] 2 PCS 2000 mAh large capacity Lithium-ion Batteries with the Battery life indicator and Fast Charger could extend the cutting time. The battery could be charged within 1 Hour. The Battery Indicator on back of 12V Cordless Reciprocating Saw shows the battery remaining capacity.
  • [ Quick Installation for Cutting Blades & 12 PCS Cutting Blades ] The Kingnova 12V Cordless Reciprocating Saw with durable and brillant performance is equipped with a quick switching structures of the Blades Holder. No more special tools is required for changing cutting blades. We could easiler change the cutting blades with two hands. In Package we could find 12 PCS Cutting Blades, 2 PCS for Wood, 4 PCS for Metal or PVC, 2 PCS for Branches, 2 PCS for Bamboo, 2 PCS for Wood.
  • [ One-hand operation and dua Safety Swtich ] Compact and lightweight, Kingnova 12V Cordless Reciprocating Saw is effortless to handle with only one hand for branches cutting, soft metal cutting, wood cutting etc. Perfect Tools for DIY or Garten working. The Reciprocating Saw starts only with the safety switch and control trigger pressed at same time.
  • [ Technical Informations ] Stroce Lenght 20mm, Max Cutting Width 60mm, No-load Speed 0-2500 rpm, Charging Time 1 Hour, Battery Capacity 2000 mAh, Package Dimensions 12.2 x 7 x 6.9 inches, Pacakge Weight 4.8 Pounds.
  • [ Delivery Contents ] Come with 1 X Kingnova `12V Cordless Reciprocating Saw, 2 X 12V Batteries, 1 X Fast Charger, 1 X User Manual, 2 PCS normal Wood Cutting blades, 4 PCS Metal Cutting Blades, 2 PCS Special Bamboo Cutting Blades, 2 PCS Special Branches Cutting Blades, 2 PCS Special Wood Cutting Blades, 1 X Jaw Clamping for Cordless Reciprocating Saw.

Specifications of KINGNOVA 12V Cordless Reciprocating Saw

1. Our KINGNOVA Cordless 12V Reciprocating Saw is equipped with 2 * 2000 mAh Lithium-Batteries. 2 Batteries are suitable for any cutting job of our 12V Reciprocating Saw.

2. The Lithium-Battery is with 2000 mAh. With our fast charger, this rechargeable 2.0 Ah Battery could be fully charged in 1 hour.

3. In our Kingnova 12V Reciprocating Saw Package you could find 12 different cutting blades for different materials( 2*wood cutting blades,4*metal cutting blades,2*special bamboo cutting blades, 2*special wood cutting blades,2*special branches cutting blades)

4. We provide our customer a KINGNOVA package bag for arranging all accessories blades and 12V Cordless Reciprocating Saw.

5. Battery indicator display on the back of 12V Reciprocating Saw. The Battery indicator is shown by three LED lights. Once you push the button near to the battery indicator the LED lights would told you the remaining battery power.

6. Clamping Jaw. We provide a clamping saw, which can control easily the cutting action, making the cutting more stable and smooth. And when you don’t need the claming jaw during the cutting job, please push the clamping jaw release to remove it.

7. Technical data of KINGNOVA Cordless 12V reciprocating saw : Operating Time of no load 30 minutes, Stroke Lenght 20 mm, Max Cutting Width 60 mm, No-load Speed 0-2500 rpm with variable speed trigger.

12 PCS * Cutting Blades of different using

In Package we provide 12 pcs different cutting blades for divers materials.

1. Wood Cutting Blade 150mm-8T for cutting wood material

2. Wood Cutting Blade 150mm-6T for cutting wood material

3. Metal Cutting Blade 150mm-25T for cutting metal material

4. Metal Cutting Blade 150mm-18T for cutting metal material

5. Metal Cutting Blade 150mm-14T for cutting metal material

6. Metall Cutting Blade 150mm-25T for cutting metal material

7. 2*Special Bamboo Cutting Blades 210mm for cutting bamboo

8. 2*Special Wood Cutting Blades 210mm for cutting wood material

9. 2*Special Branches Cutting Blades 210mm for cutting branches in outside or garden


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