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Wiring Tool Kit with Automatic Wire Stripper


  • Wire Stripper and Crimper 2-Piece Tool Kit includes everything a tradesman needs for crimping, wire stripping and cutting
  • Ratcheting Crimper (Cat No. 3005CR) crimps insulated terminals onto 10-22 AWG stranded copper wire
  • Adjustable compound action design puts more crimping power into each squeeze
  • Three crimping cavities in one tool: 2216 AWG (Red), 1614 AWG (Blue) and 1210 AWG (Yellow) terminals
  • Wire Stripper and Cutter (Cat. No. 11061) with stripping head that adjusts to strip: 10-20 AWG solid, 12-22 AWG stranded, and 12/2 and 14/2 Romex cable (all sizes) and other nonmetallic (type NM) sheathed cable self adjusts
  • Adjustable stopper to control the length of the core strip
  • Tensioning thumb wheel allows for precise stripping of smaller gauge wire

This 2-Piece Klein Tools Wire Stripper and Ratcheting Crimper tool kit is perfect for crimping, wire stripping and cutting. The full-cycle Ratcheting Crimper crimps 10-22 AWG insulated wire terminals. The Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper / Cutter features a self-adjusting stripping head for quick, precise wire stripping.

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