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Bosch JS470EB Jigsaw Review

Corded Variable Speed Jig Saw

Many professionals rely on the Bosch JS470EB Jigsaw. It’s a high-performance, heavy-duty jigsaw tool built to resist difficult tasks. The nicest feature about this tool is that it can be used by even the most inexperienced user. It has features and specifications that make it capable of completing a variety of projects, as well as clean cuts and long-term durability. Every person who uses this tool will tell someone else about it. Bosch JS470EB Jigsaw Review has been provided.



A T-shank blade is used in the Bosch JS470EB Jigsaw. This blade is well-known for its precision and grip, which is why it is so handy. It includes a multi-directional blade clamp, which is why the blade grip is so good.

Because working with the blade can cause it to become hot, it is equipped with an ejection lever. This keeps the user’s hands away from the hot blade. It also comes with a quick blade insertion system.

Cutting Depth

This instrument can be used to cut a variety of materials. It features an additional cutting capacity that can be adjusted depending on the material to be cut.

For example, the soft wood cutting capacity is 5-7/8 inches, the aluminum cutting capacity is 7/8 inches, and the mild steel cutting capacity is 3/8 inches.


The Bosch JS470EB Jigsaw is a powerful machine. It has a current rating of 7.0 amps. It can be used for both heavy-duty and light-duty tasks, such as cutting thin metal sheets, cutting wood, and so on.

This tool is great for cutting curves because it generates 3,100 strokes per minute with a 1 inch stroke length. Because of its strength, it can cut numerous sheets at once, saving time.

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There are two options for this tool. The four orbital-action settings are one, and the variable speed dial is the other.

The tool’s performance can be adjusted using the four orbital-action settings. Depending on the type of material you’re cutting, you can range from rapid and aggressive to smooth.

Your operating speed is controlled by the variable speed dial. When working with various materials or performing light and heavy jobs, this is critical. The needed speed varies, and the speed can be modified based on those requirements.

Comfort and build quality

When conducting any type of task, it is critical to be comfortable. This tool is created with the user’s comfort in mind, and the barrel grip gives the user more control over the material. The entire tool is covered in a soft, comfy material; it’s a low-vibration mechanism that ensures smooth operations. There includes a lock-on button, which makes it easier to make steady long cuts. The complete machine is constructed such that even if the user uses it for an extended period of time, they will not become bored of it.

How does the Bosch JS470EB perform

The Bosch JS470EB Jigsaw jigsaw tool is highly powerful; the amp is 7.0 and the voltage is 120. The tool is meant to do roughly 500 to 3100 strokes per minute, which can be modified depending on the type of material and the jobs you need it to complete.

Many people who use this tool on a regular basis never comment about getting bored of it or about how hefty it is. This is because the tool’s ergonomic body, as well as the handgrip, are designed to provide maximum control, precision, and comfort.

It has a low-vibration smoothing mechanism that assures smooth operation and allows for variable control speed. This tool can easily make standard 45-degree angled cuts.

This tool can easily make standard 45-degree angled cuts. It includes a bevel wrench that can be used to do various tasks.

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This model’s blade is a T-shank blade, which is recognized for its grip and precision; the blades are easily interchangeable. This tool has a spring-loaded motion that makes it simple to remove or replace the blade. You spin the load to remove the blade, and it falls off right away. It is not necessary to contact the blade. To install the blade, spin it first and then insert it.

Because this is such a powerful weapon, one of its primary concerns is speed. This model has a constant reaction, which means that once the power is set, it will stay that way until you adjust it.

This tool is built in such a way that it can handle a variety of tasks depending on the task at hand. A light-duty task, for example, will only require a little quantity of power. This option can be changed depending on the material, as well as the power.

Final thoughts

The Bosch JS470EB jigsaw is the most popular jigsaw on the market. It’s powerful, simple to use, and of excellent quality. When it comes to this tool, cost is not a limiting factor; specialists consider the price of this pricey gear to be reasonable, owing to its capabilities and ability to perform numerous jobs.

This tool is best for a semi-professional or professional worker, but a beginner or DIYer should look for alternative versions with similar characteristics that are less expensive.

The Bosch JS470EB tools are best utilized with high-grade blades because of their high quality. This tool is adaptable and may be used for multiple purposes; if you believe you will use it frequently, you should purchase it.

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