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DEWALT DWE1622K Review | The Best Magnetic Drill Press?

DEWALT Drill Press, 2-Speed, Magnetic, 2-Inch (DWE1622K)

The DeWalt DWE1622K has been on the market in the United States for over four years, giving users plenty of opportunity to put it through its paces. This helps us to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of a tool before purchasing it. We’ve had to search hard to find any flaws with this DeWalt product, as with any other DeWalt equipment. The general public response has been a massive thumbs up, which is exactly what I expected.

General overview of DeWalt DWE 1622K

Ball bearings

While the ball bearings inside the chuck make our lives so much easier, they do have a small amount of play. It’s less than a millimeter, so you won’t detect it with your eyes. I believe it is critical to consider this objectively; a magnetic drill is not intended for use in an engineering shop. It was created with the goal of making site work easier and safer. Are you really going to be measuring to the tenth of an inch in these circumstances? If you need fractional accuracy for detailed engineering, you should use a tabletop drill press specifically designed for the job.

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The warning light

The overload warning light is another interesting feature. A green LED illuminates directly below the switch when you turn on the drill. The indicator starts to flash orange if the drill starts to work too hard and there’s a risk of overheating. The drill will continue to run at the selected speed, but you will receive a warning that you are approaching the machine’s limits. If you ignore this warning, the drill will cease working and the warning light will become red when it overheats.

This function was added to ensure that your DeWalt magnetic drill will survive as long as it should.
Overheating, on the other hand, will be a rare event. An annular cutter up to 2″ in diameter can cut through most materials with ease thanks to the 10A motor and the very cool 2-speed gearbox. The drill may overheat if you’re drilling through really hard steel for long periods of time. However, under the same conditions, any drill of this size will overheat.

The only difference is that the DeWalt DWE1622K protects the drill from being damaged in this situation. You can go up to 34″ with a Weldon cutter, and you can use a standard twist bit up to 12″ with a standard twist bit.

The Makita DS4012 is a heavy-duty mixing drill with a powerful transmission that lets it mix and drill at the same time. It excels at both tasks, unlike power drills, which excel exclusively in drilling.

Let’s take a closer look at the Makita DS4012 to discover why I think it’s the best mixing drill for most sectors. Painting, plastering, and, of course, tiling are just a few examples.

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More than just a mixer

This mixing drill is more than simply a mixer; it can drill holes in wood, steel, concrete, and other hard materials while keeping the operator comfortable.

The DS4012 is variable speed for better mixing and drilling performance, and you can easily modify the speed by just altering the trigger pressure. Other mixing drills have dials to twiddle with, but this one doesn’t.

It’s the perfect mixing solution for those of us who make our own product on the job. The Makita DS4012 easily and pleasantly mixes dry wall mud, paint, plaster, true tile mud or thick bed mortar, and of course thinset.

Thanks to the powerful 8.5 AMP motor, which changes gears according on the speed and weight of the substance being mixed, any kind of materials can be mixed. When you’re mixing a thick mixture of deck mud, for example, it won’t go full speed; instead, it’ll engage a lower gear and offer enough torque to mix the substance while preventing the motor from overheating.

Get the DS4012 and enjoy the benefits of speed control. It’s one of those tools that allows you to mix a wide range of materials in one container. Operator fatigue from combating a hyper-active drill is also reduced, which is a nice bonus.

The fact that this mixer is made in Japan is a major factor in its resilience and durability. As you may be aware, many power tools are produced in countries with a strong reputation for quality, such as Germany, Japan, and the United States. The tools, on the other hand, are manufactured in countries with cheaper labor costs.

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Easy to maintain

To get reach the items, all you need is a flat head screwdriver. The prior drill necessitated the use of three separate screwdrivers, as well as a Swiss watchmaker’s patience and precision in repositioning all of the wires, otherwise the handle would not fit.

Makita D handle tools have a strange shape, huge grips, and the overall appearance of a ray gun from Call of Duty Zombies.


The D handle is mostly used for drilling. The concept is that you hold it in one hand and don’t break your wrist if the drill bit cuts into the material since the D handle rotates and absorbs the twisting force. You’ll avoid a trip to the emergency room and a costly payment.

Because it’s located right opposite the main handle where you operate the mixing drill, you’ll largely be utilizing it for mixing. This gives you a firm grip on the machine even while you’re mixing the thickest of gunk.

The chuck is a thick shiny metal type that requires a board chuck key to tighten and can accommodate drills up to 13mm (1/2′′) in diameter. That has been rather normal in recent years. The extreme positive bit retention isn’t standard. I honestly don’t recall ever having to tighten the chuck.

It simply does not come loose.

It chomps down like a bulldog on the mixing paddle and won’t release go for years. It’s unbelievable how good it is.

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The speed of the motor

If you mix something with a large mixing drill-like those unbranded two-handed devices you find online, you’ll notice the lack of the extra 200 rpm’s that such things pack.

Their mixing paddles are also more durable, and while they are more difficult to clean, they do a better job of mixing up a bucket of thinset.

In any case, it’s a trade-off. Because, in compared to the larger mixer drills, I appreciate the reduced weight and ease of speed control. It’s also not fun to clean those spiral paddles. Like flies on a rib roast, thinset clings to it.


The Makita DS4012 is a low-cost, professional-grade mixing drill that is known as a reliable tool for more than three years. As a product that has been used professionally on a regular basis, it’s a good indication that it’s well-made and long-lasting.

It can combine everything from paint to cement without damaging its motor, and it just wants more.

I wish it could mix a little faster at 700 RPM, but 600 RPM is plenty for daily use without slowing down the workflow.

We are really happy with this Makita, and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it in the heartbeat.

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Fast release handles of DeWalt DWE 1622K

The fast-release handles are yet another creative and typical DeWalt innovation. You can use the feed handle with a 1, 2, or 3-point grip, and you can normally operate it in either a left or right-handed position, as with most magnetic drills. DeWalt has gone one step farther to make our lives easy once more. To remove the handle, simply press a button in the center, and it will pop out.

Aside from these unique characteristics, the DeWalt DWE1622K includes all of the standard functions you’d expect from a high-end magnetic drill press. It comes with a magnetic cutting fluid container that is very simple to use. It easily mounts to any metal surface and connects to the drill press head via a pipe. To manage the flow, you have a simple control valve at the bottom of the fluid reservoir. When your magnetic surface is some distance from the surface you’re drilling, the standard drill travel of 418″ can be substantially extended.

This is made simple by a convenient adjustment point that is easy to reach. The crucial safety chain has been incorporated. The last thing you want when the power goes out and the magnet releases is for the magnetic drill to tumble to the ground, so that’s taken care of.

Power tool blow molded casings are attractive, but they’re frequently an afterthought. These cases don’t survive very long; the plastic clips that keep them shut break easily, and the clip positions for your components don’t last very long too. So it doesn’t close correctly soon after you buy it, and bits and pieces rattle loose, spilling out every time you open it.

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The DeWalt, on the other hand, has a robust case and everything fits neatly into place. It will continue to do so for a long time. The case comes with everything you need, including tools, chuck handles, and a safety chain, all of which fit neatly into the case’s slots.


DeWalt, as we’ve come to expect from them, has thought of everything when designing the DWE1622K, down to the tiniest of details. It is a tool of the greatest caliber that will outlive most others. Because it’s a DeWalt product, you know you’re getting the best. This includes not just the mag drill but also great after-sales service and one of the best warranties in the business – a 3-year warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee, and a complimentary 1-year warranty.

Buy DeWalt DWE 1622K on Amazon

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